Indy Dealer Expo 2008: The Girls

Professionals at work.

Indy Dealer Expo 2008: The Girls

It doesn't matter if it's plumbing supplies or spy satellites, if there’s a trade show there will be provocatively dressed young women in attendance to draw attention to the products. The Dealer Expo was no exception; here are some of the Girls of Indy.

I found that while most of the women are local models making some extra money, many were accomplished working businesspeople and professionals. Way too smart for the "I am a famous website editor, would you like me to help your powersports career?" line.

Seriously, as an attendee of many trade shows, I know that working at one is tough. You're exposed to very long hours, hordes of people and after two full days your voice and legs are so sore you begin to wish you were a banana slug. But every one of the show girls I met was bright, enthusiastic and friendly. They did a great job.

Monica told me she was a ?Crusty Girl.? She looked pretty clean to me and then I realized she was working for Crusty Demons, the bad-boy dirtbike stunting team.

Kat (left) and Kelli were busy handing out fliers.

Amanda (left) and BriAunna (yes, that?s how she spells it) were helping out at the folks at Freestand.

Here Allysa (left) and Tiffany strut their stuff for Pirelli Tires.

Heather (left) and Amaida were helping out in the Lead Dog booth.

Sara and Connie (in pink) moved so I could re-shoot them in better light. Pity, you can barely see the quad behind them?

If Jamie ?Lady J? Johnson (left) looks like a handful, she is. She?s the boss of Lovely Lady Promotions, and Jamie is one of her lovely ladies.

Jen (left) and Nicole, work for Umbrella Girls USA and were busy making the FirstGear booth look better.

Holly owns a medical office and with Ashley, a physical therapist by day, was helping get the word out about designer Ed Hardy?s booth.

Stephanie (left) and Wendi handing out copies of Dealernews