CW RealTime: 2008 Suzuki GSX-R600 - First Look

On deck with the Gixxer in Misano.


2008 Suzuki GSX-R600 ready to launch.

Instrument package includes a programmable shift light and gear indicator.

Suzuki wanted to accentuate the compact and high-performance look of the GSX-R.

Stripped of bodywork, the GSX-R shows its compact and race-ready design. New wheels are lighter than before, but the whole bike has a 3-pound heavier claimed dry weight.

Brakes get a mild revision; new 310mm rotors.

Make the switch! The 600 joins the rest of the GSX-R lineup with a three-position SDM-S ignition map selector.

Rear view shows the restyled bodywork and unchanged frame and swingarm.

New electronically controlled steering damper should keep Canet from getting the shakes too bad.

Larger muffler is prominent. The increased volume?augmented by another chamber under the chassis?allows more power without violating emissions regulations.

It?s not Cyclops; the projector beam in the center will illuminate more evenly.