2007 Cycle World Int'l Motorcycle Show, New York

Winter break.

2007 Cycle World Int

While in sheer size, it may pale in comparison to some of the European shows, the 2007 Cycle World International Bike Show rolled into New York City's Javits Center as one of the largest consumer motorcycle shows in America, hosting as many as 80,000 rabid motorcycle fans over the course of the mid-holiday weekend.

For the frozen Right Coast, the show is a welcome relief at a time when most riders have put up their bikes for the winter and are hungry for any two-wheel relief. This year's show did not disappoint, putting more than 600 new bikes on display from 19 different manufacturers.

Although it was cold and raining outside, hordes of frigid motorcyclists welcomed the opportunity to come inside, look at the new products the industry is unveiling and to begin planning their next purchases for the upcoming riding season. If the New York show is any indication, 2008 looks like another banner year for anyone who loves two wheels.

The AMA displayed a timeline of vintage dirtbikes, including this Aermacchi two-stroke-powered AMF Harley-Davidson.

Built by Hitman Custom Motorcycles, the Phantom is a slammed turbo Hayabusa with a 13-inch-wide rear tire.

The new 690 Duke marks the return of KTM?s original Supermoto machine, which has become a cult favorite for its nimble handling and easy wheelies.

Maille Hawley, 5, liked the KTM 690 Duke but couldn?t quite yet reach the pegs.

Tribal Iron Choppers presented this motorcycle "tow truck." Make sure your AAA membership is paid up...

Does your motorcycle have a saddle horn? How do you hitch it to the hitchin? post without one?

KTM held court in an annex off the main complex where the company displayed its current street lineup in addition to its extensive line of dirtbikes.