Cool and Crazy Custom Suzuki Hayabusa Motorcycles

CW's photo gallery of wild customized machines from all over the globe.

Cool and Crazy Custom ’Busas! - First Look

It’s hard to think of another Japanese sportbike that has inspired as many people as the Hayabusa. With so much power and that unique styling, it’s a natural for customizers, and after nine model years, there are plenty of aftermarket parts-makers offering everything from radically stretched swingarms to turbo kits that could get a WWII Superfortress off the ground.

We sent a request to the enthusiasts (okay, some might say maniacs) at and, asking they submit pictures of their beloved 'Busas. Here's the best of what we got:

Bill Myers is from Miami, Florida, and tells us his favorite color is chrome. Little on his bike is stock.

Richard Pierini from Massapequa, New York, is drag racing at 67 years old ("67 years young" according to Pierini) on this nitrous-injected custom.

Neil Parker of Scotland, Ontario, Canada stretched his 2002 Hayabusa 10 inches and installed a Velocity Racing Stage II turbo capable of 420 hp, but what really grabs the eye is that hot paint job.

Mark Astalos is from Trenton, Michigan, and offers this tidy example of some common modifications.

Joseph F. Botelho of Fall River, Massachusetts, proudly rides this clean-looking 2000 Stage II Turbo-ized ?Busa.

Guclu Atamer of Istanbul, Turkey, enjoys his two ?Busas.

Another view of what is a really beautifully built machine.

Sebastian Domingo of Opelika, Alabama, is proud of this 650-hp monster with its intercooled turbo, Marvic drag wheels and custom-made bodywork and stretched chassis. The tail section is not a USCG-approved flotation device.

Robert Kelly hails from Fort Wayne, Indiana, where he owns Shamrock Racing. This bike is a 500-hp monster with every motor mod you can think of, a raked-out frame, carbon fiber bodywork and a laundry list of other alterations.

The other side of Dennis? bike.

Duane Michael Black of Toronto, Canada, is the creator of He calls his creation "Fade to Black." It makes 200 hp using Yoshimura internals, without turbo or nitrous. He rides it every day, rain or shine.