2008 Suzuki Hayabusa - First Look

Just added! More photos, info and video on Suzuki’s ’08 models, plus a gallery of custom Hayabusas, a 246-mph ’Busa, Hayabusa history and more!

RM-Z250 sticks with a Keihin carb, gets a host of minor revisions for ?08.

New R2 version of the M109 features a?dare we say??Harley V-Rod-esque angled headlight.

RM-Z450 motocrosser is now fuel-injected. Kick-start only means no battery, so fuel pump, located in the 1.6-gallon fuel tank, is powered by the engine?s magneto.

Studded seat, backrest/luggage rack, leather saddlebags and copbike-style windscreen get the RT road-ready. It has the linked brakes, too.

Wallflowers need not apply for the special-edition M190R Limited. Other touches include a white racing stripe, clear taillight lens and checkerboard instrument background.

Available in black and this maroon, the C109 should jump to the top of the mega-cruiser performance charts. In M109 trim, the liquid-cooled, eight-valve motor puts out 109 rwhp.

Passing power shouldn?t be a problem on the C109RT, bagger version of the new cruiser.

Linked brakes come to cruisers: C109 uses dual three-piston calipers up front. Hand lever activates four pucks; foot pedal brings the other two into play via a delay valve.

"The perfect balance of sport-riding excitement and all-day comfort," we?re told about the 650F?s riding position. Should be well-priced, too.

Suzuki?s been overdue for a new big cruiser. Here ?tis. The C109R takes the 1783cc V-Twin from the M109 musclebike and wraps it in classic Ameri-cruiser styling, including hardtail-look, hidden-shock setup.

Looks like a nicely styled all-rounder. Dry weight a claimed 476 pounds, wheelbase 57.9 inches, 5 gallons of gas capacity.

New GSX650F replaces the venerable Katana series, is based on the naked Bandit 650 sold in Europe since 2005. For stateside sale, it now wears a full-fairing. Power is from a 656cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, dohc inline-Four.

Blacked-out B-King could take up residence in the Bat Cave. Claimed dry weight is 520 pounds, wheelbase 60 inches, suspension fully adjustable all-round. Rider can choose between two DMS (Drive Mode Selector) power settings.

Nissin brakes for the B-bike (Hayabusa has Tokicos), plus a KYB inverted fork. Cast-aluminum swingarm straddles a 200mm rear tire. Exhaust system is described as "uniquely styled." Like the ?Busa?s, gearbox has six speeds.

Three color schemes for ?08: Orange/black, black/gray and this blue/black.

Revised front end has radial-mount calipers and smaller 310mm rotors for less unsprung weight and reduced gyro effect. Was that a problem before?

B-King looks very close to concept bike first shown way back in 2001. Sorry, horsepower junkies, the supercharger has gone missing for production (damn those liability lawyers). Normal aspiration will have to do.

Natural habitat for the Hayabusa is wide open and lightly patrolled. Like the GSX-R1000, it has three different rider-adjustable engine-management modes.

Clay mockup gets ready to be blasted. Here?s where the hard work of subtly reshaping the ?Busa took place.

In reality, air isn?t cleaved this cleanly, but you get the idea. New bike is slick.