XtraPix: Continental Warfare - First Look

Aprilia Tuono R vs. KTM Super Duke.

XtraPix: Continental Warfare - First Look

Performance is no longer a stranger outside of the repli-racer kingdom. Take a look at the lineups of most of the major manufacturers and you will find some sort of semi-naked or naked sportbike-based hooligan. Some are more subtle than others, but bikes like the Aprilia Tuono R and new KTM Super Duke are anything but.

The Tuono is one CW’s favorite bikes in recent memory, winning our gi-normous Hot Rods and Hooligans mega-comparison last summer. So we were thrilled when KTM announced that they had a competitor this year, tailor-made to go head-to-head with it.

Both bikes pack 1000cc V-Twins that deliver a wallop of torque, making backroad blasts, urban stoplight-to-stoplight drags and even errands a kick in the pants. But these aren’t stripped-down budget-minded motorcycles. Top-shelf components adorn the two head to toe. Brembo radial-mount calipers with huge rotors, fully adjustable suspension components and chassis made to carve prove they mean business. Performance ain’t cheap, but if you are looking for butt-kickin’ performance that doesn’t come in a plastic wrapper, one of these two could definitely be your bike.

Sound off! Which bike is better?

KTM didn?t fool around. The Super Duke is a contender right out of the box.

Beauty is a personal interpretation.

Italian beauty is easier on the eyes.

Aprilia had better keep an eye over its shoulder.

KTM is now in the on-road groove.

The Tuono is all about rock-solid handling and backroad burning.