Suzuki SV1000SM

Is Suzuki building a great big supermotard?

Suzuki SV1000SM - Motorcycle Industry News

Suzuki SV1000SM - Motorcycle Industry News

We recently received an interesting email from a CW reader. It seems he has a friend who works somewhere deep in the bowels of the automotive industry, and on a recent trip to Japan found himself in a Suzuki R&D; facility, maybe where he shouldn't have been. From a distance, he spotted what he was "sure" was an SV1000 engine and chassis with DR-Z400SM-like bodywork, wheels and suspension. The reader provided us with this cleverly Photoshopped illustration.

Of course, we urge you to take this with a grain of salt: Suzuki told us they had “no idea” what we were talking about, which is different than saying “we can neither confirm nor deny” by a wide margin. We also have no other information about such a project. But it would make sense if Suzuki is playing around with something along these lines; big motards like the Ducati Hypermotard, KTM 950SM and BMW HP2 Megamoto are taking off in Europe and starting to get a lot of attention here in the States.

You can count on us telling you more about such a Suzuki if it is indeed a model intended for consumers and not just a pet project of some wonderfully demented engineers. Until then, we’ve prepared a small gallery of current motards big and small for you to check out.

More a streetbike than a supermoto because of its racebike suspension and street-oriented bodywork, the Super Duke is more fun to ride in many ways than its 950SM cousin.

An all-American take on the supermotard, the Buell Super TT uses a raucous air-cooled, pushrod 1203cc V-Twin in a stripped-down chassis. Wheelie time!

BMW?s 2005 HP2 was the lightest, fastest enduro Twin BMW had made in a long time, but supermoto fans were quick to wish for a version with 17-inch wheels.

Light, right and full of fight, the Hypermotard has redeemed 999 designer Pierre Terblanche in the eyes of many Ducatisti.

Brought to the USA in 2005, the KTM 950SM was one of the first big supermotos on the market.