2008 Triumph Street Triple 675 Sneak Peek - First Look

First Official Photo of Latest Brit Streetfighter.

2008 Triumph Street Triple 675 Sneak Peek - First Look

2008 Triumph Street Triple 675 Sneak Peek - First Look

Triumph fans—and hardcore middleweight sportbike fans, too—know all about the most-excellent 675 Daytona, winner of multiple comparison tests and gatherer of many 2006 awards, including Cycle World’s Best Middleweight Streetbike honors. And if you think the only thing better than a finely honed racetrack weapon is a finely honed racetrack weapon with no fairing and a higher handlebar, you’ve probably been praying that Triumph would stick with tradition and make a nasty streetfighter out of the Daytona.

Well, your prayers have been answered. Here’s Triumph’s latest model, the 675cc Street Triple, complete with signature twin headlamps. We have very little official information on it, but expect the motor to be slightly detuned for a more street-oriented powerband. The basic chassis, and suspension will likely be virtually the same as the excellent components on the Daytona 675, although the brake calipers in the photo aren't the radial-mount units on the Daytona. The subframe and tailsection are also different to allow a lower seat.

Pricing is $1000 less than the Daytona at $7999, and Triumph is now taking advance orders on the bike, expected at dealers in October. You can register at www.triumphstreettriple.comto be updated when the bike is press-launched at the end of June. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we know more.

German tuner shop Palatina built this streetfighter version of the jumbo Rocket III. Would Triumph go to these extremes? We hope so.

The 1997 Speed Triple offered great brakes and handling but its T595 motor made less power than its predecessor.

Although the middleweight Speed 4?s motor got the ?tuned-for-torque? treatment that sapped it of 10 hp, it was basically the sweet-handling TT600 without plastic. Ram-air intakes were an acquired taste.

The 2005 Speed Triple was a hit, with plenty of power and minimalist good looks. The $9999 price tag was only a few bucks more than the 1997?s.

The ?95 Speed Triple was one of Triumph?s first offerings to the U.S. market. It was basically the 900 Daytona without a fairing, a formula Triumph has kept.