Best Motocrosser: Honda CRF450R

Ten Best Motorcycles of 2006.

Best Motocrosser: Honda CRF450R - Ten Best Bikes 2006

Four was a coup but five spells dynasty. That’s how many years the Honda CRF450R has dominated the Best MX category. Honda didn’t have to do much to keep the CRF at the top of the heap, but leaving things unchanged just isn’t its style. Refinements were made to fine-tune an already excellent package. The engine’s position in the chassis was moved to lower the center of gravity, while other minor tweaks were made to improve durability. Changes to the suspension, including revalving the fork and shock, allow the CRF to glide over bumps and through the whoops. All of this adds up to a better-handling, better-performing CRF450R. Can Big Red make it six in a row?