Best Open Streetbike: Kawasaki ZX-14

Ten Best Motorcycles of 2006.

Best Open Streetbike: Kawasaki ZX-14 - Ten Best Bikes 2006

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It may seem strange that a bike offering nearly 200 horsepower has taken this category in lieu of being named Best Superbike. While the new flagship Ninja–capable of sprinting the quarter-mile quicker than any production bike we’ve ever tested–certainly meets the criteria of a landmark Superbike, it’s this machine’s more docile side that has made it our choice of best overall large-caliber streetbike of the year. Through the magic of black-box mapping, the low-rev power delivery of this King Kong Kawi has been tamed to a level that even an average rider can command. And like Kong, the 14 is surprisingly agile within its weight class, making it at ease in the urban jungle and on the open road. All this and savage acceleration when there’s a need to show teeth.