Yamaha brought what was arguably one of the most exciting bikes to EICMA this year with their T7 Prototype adventure bike. Now, finally, someone's gotten to ride it.

Like the superbikes of the early aughts, adventure bikes have suffered from some serious bloat as they've become more popular. But while brands like BMW and KTM have shown us how capable they can make a big bike, many of us who have spent some time on them have longed for something small and more manageable. Something that would be better off-road, even if it gave up some of its ability to eat up highway miles loaded down with gear.

Honda's Africa Twin was the first step in that direction, and they did a great job of giving us something that felt smaller and easier to ride. But it's still pretty far from being anywhere close to 50/50. That goal, it seems, appears to be left to Yamaha.

The team at DUERUOTE.com got a chance to test the T7 Prototype out and they took it to the Alps for a quick flogging.

This video does a great job of showing the T7 Concept not only off-road but also in a lot of environments where full-size adventure bikes tend to suffer. Not only that but this model looks way closer to production ready than your average prototype, which makes us think that we might see this thing on showroom floors sooner than expected.

Look for big things this November. Well, mid-sized things that make us big-sized excited.