Hot off the back of the unveil of Triumph's new Thruxton Factory Custom, the UK manufacturer teased us with the Concept Rocket TFC. The second production bike to come out of the Triumph Factory Custom program will be a special version of the bonkers 2,300cc muscle cruiser. Triumph showed a working concept bike at the factory and full details will be announced at the beginning of May 2019.

Rocket III TFC
Triumph’s Rocket III just got more bonkers with the limited-edition Rocket III TFC.Triumph Motorcycles

In 2004, Triumph released the Rocket III—the largest-capacity production motorcycle, a full 2,294cc of three-cylinder madness. Why? Good question, we're not really sure, but we are grateful the company did. Riding a Rocket III is a unique experience; the massive capacity engine pulls like a train, regardless of what gear you're in. While the design engineers at Triumph's Factory Custom team were still slightly wobbly on welding fumes from building the mad Bobber and Scrambler prototypes, we're guessing that is when they spotted a spare Rocket III in the corner and got to thinking. What they came up with was the obvious choice—of course once you've got the largest-capacity production bike, the only thing to do is make the engine even bigger.

So the Concept Rocket TFC will be the second of the Factory Customs and threatens to overshadow the stunning Thruxton TFC by sheer numbers alone. The three-cylinder behemoth has been bored and stroked out to 2,500cc. Yes. Two and a half liters. That means each cylinder is a ludicrous 833cc. And if the concept bike is anything to go by, it’s going to sound like a 1940s fighter plane swooping in for the kill shot.

The concept bike features interchangeable single and twin seats, high-spec suspension and braking components, and, as with the Thruxton TFC, beautifully detailed touches like billet triple clamps and hand-painted gold detailing.

Truxton TFC and Rocket III TFC
The Rocket III TFC will be the second model of the Triumph Factory Custom program, following the Truxton TFC (foreground).Triumph Motorcycles

We snuck a word in the ear of one of the team who has ridden the concept bike to ask what it was like. When he’d finished giggling about the engine, he got to the chassis where lots of work has been done to match the handling to the increased power. The concept bike reportedly carries itself through turns with more poise and far less scraping metal than the stock Rocket III.

Although tight-lipped about the final performance figures of the concept bike, Triumph has promised all will be revealed on May 1, 2019, when the limited 750-bike run of the Rocket TFC will be announced. For now, we’re going to lie down in a dark room and try to get our heads around what a 2,500cc motorcycle is going to be like to ride.