This Video Lives Up To Its Name As The Gnarliest Lap You'll Ever See

Plaeco and Colton Haaker make magic in this incredible riding video

Colton Haaker is an endurocross racer, Husqvarna rider, and a complete monster on a motorcycle. He and his sponsor Plaeco teamed up to make "HEATER," a riding video they claimed last week would be the gnarliest lap you'd ever seen.

Well, it dropped today and they were spot on. It starts off a little slow, or at least a little traditional, albeit beautifully shot. Initially, the berm busting shots and the interesting track layout are enough to hold our attention sort of. I mean, at least it isn't set to dubstep. But then things get interesting around the 1:30 mark with a a 360. Here's where things get interesting. The track moves from traditional to endurocross, and Colton really starts to showcase his incredible bike control and riding skills, all about the time I start wondering if I should just hang it all up because I'll never come close to riding like this.

I have no idea who or what Plaeco is outside of that they seem to hold true to their "Rad Sht" slogan and that they make both apparel and content. I don't care much either, as long as they keep churning out stuff like this, and you can bet we'll keep our eyes peeled for anything else from these guys.

Until then, it's this video on repeat and day dreaming about the next time we're out in the dirt.