Custom Motorcycles Of The One Motorcycle Show 2020

Gallery of the wildly diverse collection of custom bikes displayed at the 11th annual One Moto Show

One Moto Show
The One Moto Show continues to be one of the best custom motorcycle shows in the US.Morgan Gales

The One Motorcycle Show has become one of the best, most diverse custom motorcycle shows in the US. And after 11 years, it had grown enough to move from Portland, Oregon’s Pickle Factory, a cool event and “maker” space, to Veterans Memorial Coliseum. This gave the show more room and also got the flat-track races under the same roof as the custom bikes, giving the event a more cohesive feel.

The dirt track was laid out on the stadium floor, with vendors, artwork, and some custom bikes in the show circling it on the top floor. Tall windows serve as the outside walls of this floor, casting natural light on the motorcycles and artwork displayed throughout. A row of choppers sat perpendicular to a tall rally-built Husqvarna 701 and modern yet retro-styled KX500, all next to a group of café racers head-to-tail around a structural beam. Local and independent brands selling waxed canvas, wool knitwear, leather, and other moto gear filled the smaller booths between brands like Rev’It with a larger footprint. Circling back around to the entrance, the path seemed to guide you downstairs where the moto-menagerie continued.

This lower level was the meat of the motorcycle show, but it wasn’t just custom bikes—Steve Miles brought out the famous Yamahauler, its matching truck, bicycle, and dirt bike from his private collection. A long, low Lincoln Continental custom with suicide doors sat on the floor surrounded by two-wheeled beauty. There were some long-awaited builds like Patrick Tilbury’s insane FXRT-faired V-twin custom with entirely hand-formed bodywork. Other bikes were still “in progress,” like David Mucci’s Ducati, because, while they might be unfinished, it was amazing to see their form and process taking shape. Immaculate racebikes and restorations next to weirdo stretched god-knows-what helped fill this eclectic bike show. What sets it apart, though, is that Thor Drake, owner of See See Motorcycles and The One Show, does an incredible job at curation, keeping you guessing as you walk around the venue.

Dads with kids on their shoulders rubbed elbows with tattooed-neck rockers, flat-track racers, and old-timers reminiscing on fond memories created with some of these historic machines. The hipster vibe was always present, as it is most anywhere in Portland, but now it was just one of many. Choppers took up only a small portion of what they once did, as more high-performance machines are joining in. Walking the show during the races, we found many of the stands empty as riders had taken their showbikes to the track. The One Show is growing, not only in attendance and diversity, but also in quality of custom builds and the audience they reach.

On the last day, it was Tilbury’s wild bike that won The One Motorcycle Show Award, given by famous motorcycle designer and Director of Product Design for Indian Motorcycle, Ola Stenegärd. Other awards are given by other judges, but as the name suggests “The One” is the most coveted trophy of the weekend. The One Moto Show remains one of our favorite shows of the year, not only for the mixture of motorcycles, but the people as well. As a motorcycle-centric cultural event, it puts artists, onlookers, makers, and racers under one roof to celebrate motorcycling in a most satisfying way. Check out the gallery to see some of the custom motorcycles of The One Show 2020.

1966 FLH bobber
Micah Vince’s 1966 FLH bobber has classic, traditional styling with plenty of accents and details to fall in love with. Vince got the bike in early January with only a few weeks to prepare it for the show.Morgan Gales
custom Zero SR/F
There was hardly a moment to photograph Untitled Motorcycles’ Hugo Eccles’ custom Zero SR/F, as it was so often surrounded by a crowd. In addition to being an accomplished motorcycle builder, Eccles also is a design professor at the California College of the Arts.Morgan Gales
FXRT-style, turbo-blown custom
Patrick Tilbury of Royal-T Racing won The One Motorcycle Show Award with his FXRT-style, turbo-blown custom with all hand-formed sheet-metal bodywork. This build was in the works for more than three years, Tilbury’s patience awarded with the top prize of the show.Morgan Gales
2007 BMW R1200 GS
A 2007 BMW R1200 GS built by Roland Sands Design, modeled after the famous R80G/S that won the Paris-Dakar race in 1985. A BMW RnineT front end was used to replace the GS’s telelever suspension while an original P-D tank was modified to get the nostalgic look.Morgan Gales
Shovelhead, Panhead, and Knucklehead choppers
Shovelhead, Panhead, and Knucklehead choppers lined up showing not only different eras of H-D manufacturing, but custom style as well.Morgan Gales
rally-built 2018 Husqvarna 701 Enduro
Blake Draguesku’s rally-built 2018 Husqvarna 701 Enduro has no shortage of instrumentation or gadgetry. If he gets lost now, that’s on him.Morgan Gales
custom Ducati
David Mucci’s in-progress custom Ducati features a fiberglass tailsection cast from a handmade mold just days before the show. Mucci’s bikes are usually completed with an incredibly high level of precision and detail, so we appreciate this window into the process.Morgan Gales
Royal Enfield 500
This Royal Enfield 500 built by Hill Hudson is an awesome juxtaposition of old and new, simple and complex. Consider how the frame tailsection mimics the bend in the pipe, and the parallel bends of the swingarm.Morgan Gales
Kawasaki Z1000
Resto-mods like this beautiful Kawasaki Z1000 were a popular theme at this year’s One Moto Show, enhancing the capability of these old machines with modern parts while keeping the aesthetic lines essentially unchanged.Morgan Gales
vintage bike
The vintage room was right down the hall from the main custom display area, with some incredible relics. From custom racers like this one to immaculate originals, it was the one section of the show where you were most likely to find the owners with their bikes if you wanted to talk.Morgan Gales
1955 Triumph dragbike
This 1955 Triumph dragbike built and raced by K. Busch was inspired by the “Edgy One,” which ran a quarter-mile in 10.52 seconds according to a 1966 Cycle World article.Morgan Gales
Laverda 1200 triple resto-mod
Jay Brett’s Laverda 1200 triple resto-mod bears the original orange color scheme, but tons of modern components to update the bike’s performance.Morgan Gales
Yamaha XS650
Holiday Customs’ vintage Schwinn-inspired Yamaha XS650 has been making the rounds for a few years, but still makes us smile everytime we see it.Morgan Gales
1947 Triumph 500 twin
This supercharged 1947 Triumph 500 twin by Mangold Motorworks ran the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2018 with a top speed of 95.480 mph.Morgan Gales
1983 GL650
There were plenty of café racers on display, both vintage and modern, and those that blur the line like this 1983 GL650 from Craig Jackson.Morgan Gales
KZ1000 Z1R
The factory lines of a KZ1000 Z1R, updated and upgraded with modern brakes, suspension, and oil cooling—and that’s just what we can see. Resto-mods were shown in increased numbers this year—a trend we hope continues.Morgan Gales
1939 EL
A pristine 1939 EL owned by N. Olson and found in the vintage room at The One Moto Show.Morgan Gales

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