Yamaha Historic Racing Team Shine at Spa Francorchamps Spectacle

Yamaha Historic Team revs the hearts of fans for Biker's Classics

Yamaha Historic Racing Team's Giacomo Agostini, Christian Sarron and Hubert Rigal revved the hearts of many motorcycle fans on July 2-3 at the Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium for the Biker's Classics, the biggest classic bikes meeting in Europe.

Yamaha Historic Racing Team, Biker's Classics, Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium
Yamaha's Historic Racing Team Shines at the Biker's Classics on July 2-3.Photo Courtesy of Yamaha Racing

The interest in classic bikes only increases, and the great attendance to last weekend's Biker's Classics 2016 event in Spa-Francorchamps proved it. The show is the biggest attraction dedicated to iconic motorcycle models in Europe, with 30,000 visitors admiring more than forty years of Yamaha motorcycle racing history with the famous TZ models.

Giacomo Agostini, Yamaha Historic Racing Team, Spa Francorchamps, Biker's Classics
Giacomo Agostini was among the other racers to show Yamaha's racing history and to spark interest in classic motorcycles among the fans and the next generation.Photo Courtesy of Yamaha Racing

For this 14th edition of the Biker's Classics Giacomo Agostini, Christian Sarron and Hubert Rigal were present on the track, but before taking to the track, the magnificent historical Yamaha machines were exhibited in front of the pit box to delight the spectators. The show put on by Yamaha was not only aimed to commemorate the past, its goal was also to spark interest among the next generation and inform them on Yamaha's racing heritage.

Watch Giacomo Agostini, Christian Sarron and Hubert Rigal take on the famous Eau Rouge below.