Motorex Racing Pro 4T 10W/40 Cross Oil - New Product

New racing oil from Motorex

Motorex has a wide range of lubricants for motorcycles and their line continues with the new Racing Pro 4T 10W/40 Cross motocross four-stroke oil. This oil has been developed for race use on the highest levels of motor sports and has been tested by the Motorex Racing Support under the most extreme racing conditions in close cooperation with renowned motocross and supercross teams.

Motorex's new racing line addition, the Racing Pro 4T Cross Oil.
Motorex's new racing line addition, the Racing Pro 4T Cross Oil.Photo Courtesy of Motorex

This new racing oil distinguishes itself by extraordinary high temperature stability and sheer strength, minimizes the inner friction of the engine and offers highest wear protection. It uses a special formulation and high-tech additives to overcome the conflicting demands of a wet motocross clutch on the one hand and the lubrication of a highly tuned and very high-revving four-stroke racing engine on the other. Thus, the oil withstands highest possible stress levels under racing conditions.

The Motorex Racing Pro 4T Cross meets all requirements demanded by Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Honda for the use in their factory machines and motocross bikes. "But you don't have to be a works rider in order to use this MOTOREX racing oil," emphasizes Ronald Kabella, Director Powersports of the Swiss oil refiners. "Any Hobby racer will also benefit from the performance of this high-tech lubricant due to the increased engine output and optimized engine reliability."