Nicky Hayden Was Hit By A Car While Training On His Bicycle

We'll continue to update as we get more information

Nicky Hayden
Nicky HaydenScott Toepfer

Nicky Hayden was hit earlier today by a car, while he was out training with a group of riders on his road bicycle following the WorldSBK Motul Italian round at Imola. He was riding along the coast in Riccione, Italy around 2:00 pm local time when he was struck by a Peugot, first hitting the windshield and then falling onto the ground.

Some sources are calling the accident serious, claiming he had injuries to his head and chest, and he was taken to a nearby hospital.

Local news source the Rimini Today has pictures of the car post accident, which show it with a smashed in hood and windshield.

The picture below was taken from their ride, before the incident occurred.

We'll update more as we get word of Nicky's condition, but in the mean time we're all hoping for the best.

Update at 11:30 am, May 17th:

Nicky was transported via helicopter to trauma center at the Cesena hospital. Contributing Editor Bruno dePrato informed us that his sources say Nicky suffered extensive trauma to the head and chest, and even went as far to say that rumors from the hospital suggest Nicky is "fighting for his life."

Other reports claim he's been diagnosed with both a suspected thoracic polytrauma and a suspected traumatic brain injury (TBI).

Our thoughts and prayers are with Nicky and his family.

Nicky Hayden
Nicky HaydenHonda Pro Racing

Update at 4:45 pm, May 17th: has some further clarification on both the incident and Nicky's condition. Apparently he was not riding with a group as initially reported, but was riding solo. Their report claims he was struck perpendicularly, though by a driver traveling in the same direction of traffic.

They also report that Dr. Senni, the chief of the hospital's press department, says Hayden is still i serious condition due to the thoracic polytrauma (multiple chest trauma) and cranial polytrauma (multiple brain trauma), the latter of which is still keeping them from operating on Hayden.

Look for more news tomorrow.

Update at 7:25 am, May 18th:

Contributing Editor Bruno dePrato has informed us this morning that doctors released a statement on Hayden around noon local time, confirming that Hayden's conditions are very critical. He has been stabilized, but the head trauma is preventing the doctors from operating to remove the large hematoma that is clogging the brain and causing neurological issues. He also suffered extensive chest and other internal trauma, but it's the head trauma that is the most serious. Other reports claim Hayden is in a medically induced coma until doctors feel they can operate.

Nicky's fiancé Jackie Marin is with him, and members of his family are en route to arrive today. Our thoughts and prayers are with Nicky, his family, his team, and the doctors attending to him. The whole world is rooting for you, bud.