Motorcycle First Rides

First rides are the first step in Cycle World’s motorcycle review process providing our editors with what to expect from a new motorcycle model.

First rides are an important step in Cycle World’s motorcycle review process because you only get one chance to make a good first impression. Our first rides develop an overview of the model, alerting our editors to what to scrutinize when they put the motorcycle on the dyno, when they are out riding the model on a review, and when they are comparing it against another model in its class.

First Rides

 First rides are one of the perks of being a part of the Cycle World editorial team. Flying to beautiful locations and riding through different kinds of terrain, all while astride new motorcycle models, is what some people dream of. This is our day-to-day.

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Motorcycle Reviews

Cycle World’s motorcycle reviews are what have made us the premier motorcycle publication. Our in-depth motorcycle reviews break down the model, not just on how the bike makes the reviewer feel, but on how the motorcycle improves or adds to the industry. Our editors dig into the technical aspects of the motorcycle by running it on our in-house dyno. They also focus on the roadworthiness and comfort of the model by putting in thousands of miles on the bike.

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Motorcycle Comparisons

Another step in our motorcycle review process is Cycle World’s motorcycle comparisons. These reviews are one of a kind because they take models of the same class, probably the ones you would be considering in your next motorcycle purchase, and see which comes out on top. It’s not always a “most horsepower equals the winner” kind of comparison that you might find elsewhere. We consider ergonomics, brakes, handling, suspension, engine characteristics, and an array of other factors to crown a winner in a motorcycle comparison.

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