At the end of October 2018, just a few days prior to the opening of EICMA 2018, the Magni brothers, Giovanni and Carlo, were kind enough to introduce me in advance to their latest creation, the 750S Tributo, that would be officially unveiled at the great and important Milan Motorcycle Show. Although based on the original Filo Rosso project, the 750S Tributo claims a completely different personality and mission. As all Magni creations, the 750S Tributo celebrates the long gone glory days of MV Agusta.

Magni 750S Tributo
The Magni 750S Tributo was unveiled last November at EICMA 2018.Magni

Honestly, I can say that back in the ’70s I did ride and test the MV Agusta 750 Sport and, like all MV Agusta production models, it did not stand up to the supreme standards of all the winning MV Agusta GP bikes—by a few light-years. Great to look at, but it was a handful to ride. It was enormously ponderous (540 pounds); the engine delivered a very moderate—even by the standards of the times—68.5 hp, which in a way had a positive effect on riding safety because the massive frame structure lacked adequate torsional rigidity for real sporty riding.

Magni 750S Tributo
The Magni 750S Tributo is faithfully wrapped in the same red, white, and blue of the original MV Agusta 750 Sport.Magni

But it looked so great in its beautifully shaped tank draped in a perfect red-white-blue color scheme, red double cradle frame, red leather sport seat, and chrome four-megaphone exhaust system that it became an instant legend. And it remains one of the most iconic production MV Agustas ever. The 750 Sport remains beautifully framed in our motorcycling memories, and rightly the Magni brothers thought the magic platform offered by their Filo Rosso model would do great dressed in 750 Sport style.

And it does, in every minor detail thanks to the supreme quality of the project and to the maniacal love applied at every step of the manufacturing. Absolutely fascinating! And not only for its styling, its graphics, the memories it vividly brings back the instant you look at it. It also happens to be a unique case of a fully enjoyable work of art.

I took the Magni 750S Tributo to the very same Pirelli Tire Test Track where I rode the original Filo Rosso in 2017 and it turned out to be immensely more functional in real riding. This fundamental improvement was achieved by applying modifications that are hardly perceivable visually, but they were very accurately conceived and calibrated to vastly improve the rider/machine interface. To the point that the 750S Tributo induced total confidence and riding pleasure after just a couple of laps.

750S Tributo
Getting comfortable at the track was quick. The 750S Tributo is confidence-inspiring from the start.Magni

The key to this excellent functionality stems from the fact that the Magni 750S Tributo stands taller than the Filo Rosso, in terms of both ground clearance and seat height. The seat now is set at 32.3 inches, about 3 inches higher than on the Filo Rosso. Equally, the footpegs were reset at 15.75 inches above the ground to obtain a less cramped seat-to-pegs relationship with a more generous cornering clearance. The 750S Tributo also spans a 56-inch wheelbase, while the Filo Rosso lives on a shorter 54-inch wheelbase, the extra 2 inches being added to the swingarm, for substantially improved weight distribution bias. Unchanged is the steering geometry, featuring 25-degree steering head angle and 60mm-offset triple clamps that deliver a very moderate 85mm trail in combination with the front 110/80-18 Metzeler Racetec RR K1 shod to a 2.50 x 18 JoNich aluminum rim wire wheel. At the rear the JoNich wheel is a 4.0 x 18, shod with a 160/60-18 Metzeler Racetec RR K1 radial.

Magno 750S Tributo
Plenty of cornering clearance, upscale ORAM suspension, and sticky Metzeler rubber allow for exciting times on the track with the Magno 750S Tributo.Magni

The typical Magni customer requests classic-style suspensions—no compromise accepted—and this forced Giovanni Magni to look for a specialist that would be willing to produce small batches of highly refined units. ORAM, a speciality suspension manufacturer, is not far from the Magni atelier and willing to cooperate, delivering a 43mm fork and twin rear shock absorbers, all fully adjustable in compression, rebound, and spring preload. The fork does need the addition of a mounting plate for the Brembo classic-mount four-piston calipers teamed to the twin 320mm front disc brake rotors. At the rear, a 230mm rotor and a two-piston caliper are all a bike that barely tops the 350-pound mark needs to safely decelerate under the most demanding circumstances.

43mm ORAM
A 43mm ORAM conventional fork adds classic style with full adjustability.Magni

The MV Agusta 800cc three-cylinder engine powering the 750S Tributo is the very same that comes in the MV Agusta Brutale and is now rated at a claimed 110 hp. Giovanni Magni has upgraded it by installing bellmouth velocity stacks and nearly free-flowing 3-into-3 megaphone-style exhaust system. Giovanni only mentions the official MV Agusta power numbers, but when I fully opened up I had the clear impression of having much more than 110 hp in my hands—and the way it delivered was fascinating.

Magni 750S Tributo is light and feels even lighter, and for some reason it feels very compact. The riding posture is totally racy, with clip-ons set below the upper fork triple clamp, where they belong. It took me only two laps to get acquainted with the riding posture and finding it rather natural. The seat and peg height is perfect for a nicely tight posture with ample possibility to swing from side to side for a more intimate man-machine interface that generates an outstanding riding pleasure.

750S Tributo
Riding posture of the 750S Tributo is racy with clip-ons set below the top triple clamp.Magni

The steering feels very solid, totally precise and neutral, and very stable and sharp at speed despite its mild geometry. The whole bike confirms its excellent balance under any riding condition, and returns a very solid feeling even at full speed down the straights. The three megaphone semi-mufflers sound baritone deep up to 4,000 rpm. Then the baritone leaves the stage, chased from his place by a saber-toothed tiger—its roar is absolutely frightening, but I love it!

Magno 750S Tributo
What a sound from the Magno 750S Tributo’s three megaphone mufflers!Magni

The Magni 750S Tributo is not only soul and nostalgia, it is superbly real. I dare affirming that with the clip-ons moved atop the upper triple clamp it would become practical for leisure rides on well-secluded back roads, not only at the track. In Italy the Magni 750S Tributo is priced at 43,900 euros, tax and all fees included (approximately $48,900 at current exchange rates).

750S Tributo
The 750S Tributo is Magni’s latest retro homage to MV Agusta’s red, white, and blue glory days. MV Agusta’s original 750 Sport sits just behind the 750S Tributo with a Suzuki-powered 1200 Sport on the right and a Storia restyling for the 1090 Brutale on the left.Magni

Magni 750S Tributo Specifications

MSRP: €43,900
ENGINE: 798cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC triple, 12 valves
BORE X STROKE: 79.0mm x 54.3mm
CLAIMED HORSEPOWER: 110 hp @ 11,500 rpm
CLAIMED TORQUE: 61.2 lb.-ft. @ 7,600 rpm
FUEL SYSTEM: Mikuni throttle body w/ RBW
CLUTCH: Wet clutch w/ back torque limiter, hydraulic operation
FRAME: Steel tube trellis
FRONT SUSPENSION: 43mm ORAM conventional fork, fully adjustable
REAR SUSPENSION: ORAM twin shocks, fully adjustable
FRONT BRAKE: Brembo 4-piston caliper, dual 320mm discs
REAR BRAKE: Brembo 2-piston caliper, 230mm disc
WHEELS, FRONT/REAR: JoNich tubeless spoked, 2.5 x 18 in. / 4.0 x 18 in.
TIRES, FRONT/REAR: Metzeler Racetec RR K1, 110/80ZR-18 / 160/60ZR-18
RAKE/TRAIL: 25°/3.3 in. (85mm)
WHEELBASE: 56.0 in. (1,420mm)
SEAT HEIGHT: 32.3 in. (820mm)