On the Road Less Traveled

Nick’s last whereabouts unknown at this time.

four motorcycles riders posing for a picture
Don Cook, Jimmy Ridge, Mark Shirley, and Nick in Utopia, TX.Sandy

Editor's Note: Ienatsch Abducted!

Nick was last seen leaving COTA with three miscreants intent on losing themselves in the Texas Hill Country aboard a BMW GS1200, MV Brutale 1090R, KTM 1190R and Kawi 636. They plan to ride from Welfare to Utopia along the Devil's Backbone before returning our boy to civilization. In the meantime, check out some of Nick’s popular posts of the past and look for more words next Tuesday!

Nick having opening up his ears
The Importance of Earplugs: It's not just engine noise, it's wind noise! I said: It's wind noise!Nick Ienatsch
stringing a motorcycle to align the wheels
How to "String" a Motorcycle: You can ignore swingarm marks if the string says your bike is straight.Nick Ienatsch
Dwayne Stroman and Nick Ienatsch talk motorcycle skills
STOP, Midcorner or Anywhere: Braking skills that can save your bacon.Nick Ienatsch
motorcyclist posing in front of Welfare city sign
Brake time in the city of Welfare, TX.Sandy