Harley-Davidson is teasing something and it looks BIG

Social media influencers and celebrities nationwide getting big, black boxes

jason momoa
Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones and Kurt Sutter from Sons Of Anarchy.Image from Instagram

Harley-Davidson has some big news in store for you tonight, or at least so it would seem given the number of giant black boxes sitting in the garages of some of your favorite people.

I began noticing posts from various social media influencers in the motorcycle space last night when Kristen Lassen @ladylassen posted a photo posing in front of a massive black box and a comment about "unveiling the new #freedommachine." That was followed by a post by Rusty Butcher @rustybutcher who also said he had one of these new 2018 Harley-Davidsons.

Curious man that I am, I followed the tag and found that it wasn't only the usual suspects who had received these lovely care packages—it was a lot of people:

So, Harley is sending out motorcycles (or the world's meanest prank) like I used to pass out Valentine's cards in third grade and everyone is pulling the wraps this evening (it appears as if everyone has staggered times, assumingly for social media unveils).

We'll be there when the covers come off with and will have something up as soon as possible to share the news and our opinions on whatever Harley has under those black boxes.