Born-Free 11 Photo Gallery

Wild customs and retro choppers from SoCal’s biggest motorcycle show.

A friend kicks up Joey Kerivan’s invited Knucklehead build in front of a crowd on the main lawn at Born-Free.Morgan Gales

Now in its 11th year, Born-Free has evolved from a pure chopper show to something much greater and more diverse. Still having a strong focus on wild, expressive motorcycles, the range has expanded to include racebikes, street trackers, café racers, and much more. As a result, the show has only gotten bigger each year, more welcoming, and more inclusive to the masses. This year seemed to be the biggest yet, with thousands in attendance and riders coming in from all over the world.

Invited builder Machi Kosaka showing off his build that won Best Chopper of the 2019 Born-Free show.Morgan Gales
Proper stance and proportions on this tight Honda CB750 chopper.Morgan Gales

Spanning two days, the event takes place in Oak Canyon Ranch, a large grassy spread located about halfway between Los Angeles and San Diego in the heart of Orange County. Being a well-used fairgrounds, they open up mini golf, boat rides, and the Ferris wheel for attendees who are looking to do something more than walk around and admire bikes.

Ola Stenegärd, Roland Sands, and Go Takamine discussing the details of The Cutrate's invited chopper build.Morgan Gales
Suzy Pilaczynski’s bike was finished just moments before hitting the road and won the Born Free Award! Check out those rigid octagonal forks!Morgan Gales
Young Guns’ drag racer Triumph getting some well-deserved attention.Morgan Gales
The Cutrate’s open rocker Shovelhead among the other invited builder bikes.Morgan Gales
From classic and rideable, to rolling sculptures, the invited builders at Born-Free built and brought some truly incredible machines.Morgan Gales

The annual bike raffle was stepped up to three motorcycles—an unrestored 1939 Harley-Davidson UL survivor, a 1939 Harley-Davidson UL chopper, and a 2019 H-D Street Bob with a handful of custom touches. Live bands played on the stage throughout the day, and awards were presented to the builders in the afternoon, giving out prizes ranging from cash to a brand-new engine.

Justin Coleman from FXR Division built this FXR-style bagger with a plate frame, weighing in at 585 pounds dry.Morgan Gales
Incredible cutaway Shovelhead chopper by Vintage Technologies.Morgan Gales
Six customs based on brand-new Harley-Davidson models aim to improve both style and performance.Morgan Gales
JP Rodman demonstrating the hydraulic suspension on his wild chopper trike.Morgan Gales
The devil is in the details and every bike at Born-Free is full of them.Morgan Gales

Hot sun, cold drinks, and tons of rad bikes...another perfect Born-Free complete. If you’re anywhere in the Southern California area, be sure to head out and check the event out next year, as it’s sure to keep growing and get cooler.