2018 Suzuki DR-Z70

The little learner motorcycle.

2018 Suzuki DR-Z70CRS

We know what you’re thinking but forget it. Adults riding a bike this small is like the famous monkey-on-a-coconut image. But combine a grade-schooler and the DR-Z70 in their natural habitat, dirt, and stand back. Like other small four-stroke kids’ bikes on the market, the littlest DR has an air-cooled engine, in this case boasting all of 67cc. Electric starting and an automatic clutch reduce the skills necessary for learning to ride but a kickstarter is also built in, letting kids learn how “real” riders start their bikes—LOL!

Small 10-inch wheels keep the seat height down to a reasonable 22 inches, while still allowing at least a modicum of suspension travel (3.8 inches up front) for lightweight riders. Safety features include an adjustable throttle limiter that lets parents reduce or increase maximum power as desired, plus a key that lets them put the DR-Z70 off-limits. Claimed weight? Just 121 pounds, about half that of an adult-size trailbike.

Likes: Light weight, both electric and kick starting, and throttle limiter.

Dislikes: To improve safety, add a headlight and more fully enclose the drive chain.

Verdict: A nice midpoint between 50cc and 110cc learner bikes.

2018 Suzuki DR-Z70 Specs and Pricing

MSRP $1,849
WET WEIGHT 121 lb.