2018 Indian Roadmaster Elite

Turns the Iron Butt into an easy putt

2018 Indian Roadmaster Elite
2018 Indian Roadmaster EliteCRS

Here it is, the Mount McKinley of Indian’s model range, the high priest of Indiandom, or the Indian elephant in the room. Call it whatever you like, but just know that the Roadmaster Elite represents the highest standard of touring luxury from the reincarnation of America’s oldest motorcycle maker. Priced only an In-N-Out Double-Double’s cost above a Dodge Challenger Shaker, the burden of proof is on the Indian to show why it’s worth that much coin.

And here’s the answer: The Roadmaster Elite is—in Indian’s own words—an “ultra-premium” touring bike with all the luxury and comfort imaginable in a two-wheel land yacht. A partial feature list includes comprehensive wind protection, LED lighting, a 7-inch touchscreen navigation and infotainment display you can work with gloves on (try that with your smartphone!), a 300-watt audio system that interfaces with mobile devices, 37 gallons of luggage space, candy paint that reportedly takes 30 hours to complete, and even 23-karat gold leaf badges. Fortunately, the Thunder Stroke 111 engine with six-speed gearbox steps in to move this 953-pound masterwork.

Likes: Utterly impressive in form, features, and finish.

Dislikes: Utterly impressive in sheer tonnage.

Verdict: A serious tourer that will draw serious attention wherever you go.

2018 Indian Roadmaster Elite Specs and Pricing

MSRP $36,999

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