2018 BMW G 310 R

BMW’s global starter bike.

2018 BMW G 310 RBMW

Assembled in India for a change, the BMW G310R seeks to expand the brand’s reach with a budget-conscious MSRP, entry-level friendly operation and handling, and avant-garde naked styling. Power comes from a 313cc DOHC single, which is comfortable cruising around the neighborhood, scything through the morning commute, and occasionally scrambling for position on the expressway. Its welcoming nature for new riders includes a low 349-pound curb weight, wide handlebars with a modest rise, an agreeable upright seating position, and standard antilock brakes.

If you’re looking for superbike performance, search elsewhere because the G310R is rated at just 34 hp, yielding an unimpressive power-to-weight ratio for a motorcycle. That said, the reward is an agreeable powerband (albeit with annoying vibration at low revs) and 71-mpg-rated fuel economy. Loosely translated, this means this BMW can go more than 200 miles on a tankful of fuel, while costing less than $9 to refill at current premium unleaded prices. Other strong points include a six-speed gearbox, an internal engine counterbalancer, and, of course, BMW’s universal brand appeal.

Likes: Impressively low MSRP; as simple as a BMW gets

Dislikes: Agricultural low-rpm vibration; lackluster suspension and brakes

Verdict: Where "low cost" and "BMW" finally combine

2018 BMW G 310 R Specs and Pricing

MSRP $4,750
WET WEIGHT 349 lb.