FUZZ-TASTIC: Motorcyclist Rescues Kitten, Internet Loses Its Mind

Raise a paw to the only cute Skidmark you’ll ever see.

Public perception has, for a very long time, gleefully associated motorcyclists with no-good behavior. So what’s a rider have to do to get his or her very-good behavior noticed? Risk life and bike to save an adorable kitten from certain, gruesome death.

In a video self-effacingly titled "I sound stupid, but I saved a kitten"—a video that's now gone viral enough that even GoPro took notice, calling the rider in question a "hero" and offering her a care package in appreciation of the deed—Reddit user Your_Brain_On_Pizza (seriously, I like everything about this woman) suddenly stops swearing at traffic and starts steering her bike toward a tiny, fuzzy lump in the middle of an intersection. After hopping off to wave cars away and scoop the petrified kitten up, she runs the little bundle over to a bystander before going back for her bike.

It’s an efficiently executed (if somewhat scary to watch) rescue of tawny cuteness, and in the two days since the incident, rider and kitten have fallen in love. Your_Brain_On_Pizza adopted the cat, had him cleared of ringworms, named him Skidmark (“Skids” for short), and posted the update below. In the sage words of Editor-in-Chief Mark Hoyer, “motorcyclists are kind of awesome.”