REV'IT! Neptune Ladies' Motorcycle Suit

Neptune GTX Ladies GORE-TEX® Shot

REV'IT! Press Release:

The Neptune GTX Ladies' is the new, top of the line GORE-TEX® motorcycle suit for women. Designed according to the REV'IT! Engineered skin® principles, the Neptune GTX Ladies' jacket and pants are constructed with the most rugged materials and created for intensive use all year round. The Engineered skin® design philosophy embodies the REV'IT! commitment to safety, quality and design.


The Neptune GTX Ladies' jacket and pants are designed to follow the contours of the female body, with several areas at the arms and waist that allow adjustability and custom fitting. Pockets and vents are positioned in inconspicuous areas to preserve the feminine silhouette, and a cleverly designed membrane storage pocket is integrated for extra functionality.

Neptune GTX Ladies GORE-TEX® Shot

GORE-TEX® Quality:

The GORE-TEX® Paclite membrane used in the Neptune GTX Ladies' is a premium-quality, detachable addition that makes the full suit waterproof -- and packs down into a small, light bundle for easy storage.

GORE-TEX® materials are micro porous, with 9 billion pores per square inch, and each pore is 700 times larger than a water vapor molecule. This allows perspiration to escape, but as the micro pores are 20,000 times smaller than a water droplet, rain cannot penetrate the material -- leaving the rider dry and comfortable on the inside, no matter how wet the outer conditions. The GORE-TEX detachable liners in the Neptune GTX Ladies' suit afford flexibility and adjustability for year-round riding.

Safety & Protection:

To reduce impact energy, the Neptune GTX Ladies' suit is equipped with CE-level 2 certified SEEFLEX™ limb protectors. The SEEFLEX™ concept combines state of the art material and cutting-edge construction, which together give SEEFLEX™ protectors their unique combination of protection, flexibility and breathability.

Neptune GTX Ladies GORE-TEX® Shot

For maximum abrasion resistance, high density PWR shell materials are used in the outer shell, and all seams have been relocated to lower-risk impact areas. Laminated reflective panels on both the pants and the jacket add extra visibility on the road.

The Neptune GTX Ladies' suit is available in black.


- Jacket: $569.99

- Pants: $449.99

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