IENATSCH TUESDAY: Evel Knievel, Ski Edges, Trailbraking

Listen, listen: An audio file from my oldest friend, Gary Klein, linking snow skiing with good riding skills.

Gary Klein and Nick Ienatsch

“How can we teach more in less time?”

This question drives the curriculum of the Yamaha Champions Riding School and YCRS Sunset Clinics. Our goal is to create expert riders as efficiently as possible, and we use everything at our disposal to make this happen.

When Gary Klein decided to become a rider at the age of 50, I asked him to start a "New Rider" blog on because Ken Hill, Chris Peris, and I were not new riders and we knew Gary could speak to them. He chronicled his path and the fastersafer members loved it.

Gary is a brilliant communicator. We asked him to speak at YCRS lunches at Miller Motorsports Park, focusing mainly on the tie between snow skiing and riding. Klein is the type of otherworldly skier featured in Warren Miller films, and I’ve asked him to put his thoughts into this week’s Ienatsch Tuesday in the form of an audio file, the first one we’ve tried. Yes, he’s a good rider, and I hope his insights further your riding enjoyment. (Caution: He’s also a smart ass.)

Sit back, listen. And learn.