How to Pick Up Your Fallen Motorcycle

Tip #161 from the pages of The Total Motorcycling Manual

pick-up your bike illustration #1

You’ve come to an unceremonious halt, and either fallen off your ride or dismounted in a hurry. First, make sure you’re okay. If you’re in one piece, the next order of business is to get your ride up on its wheels again.

STEP 1 Kill the ignition, and make sure the bike is in gear. Turn the handlebar in the direction of the fall—if the bike's on its left side, turn the bar to the left. If it's on its right side, lower the sidestand.

pick-up your bike illustration #2

STEP 2 Back up to the bike with your butt in the middle of the seat.

pick-up your bike illustration #3

STEP 3 Squat down and reach for the handlebar. Hold the grip on the low side of the bike—if the bike's on its left side, take hold of the left grip with your right hand.

pick-up your bike illustration #4

STEP 4 Use your other hand to hold the frame or other sturdy part of the machine under or behind the seat, as low as you can get it.

pick-up your bike illustration #5

STEP 5 Place your feet close together. Lift your chin and look up (this will help straighten your back to prevent injury). Now, push with your legs and your butt. Slowly take tiny steps back and walk the bike up. Once it's vertical, take care not to push it over.

Practice on a small dirtbike first. If there’s anyone else available to help, by all means ask!