On The Record: Troy Bayliss

Troy Bayliss headshot

When I was asked to do Superprestigio, I thought, "Yeah, I'm up for it straight away." I saw the event first time it was run. Now it's in its second year, and I could see all the support it was getting. With Dorna on board, Fox Sports is going to show it live in Australia.

I'm mainly doing this because I want to lift the profile of dirt track in Australia. We've got my race in January, the Troy Bayliss Classic. It's in its third year and growing, as well. We've got Sammy Halbert, Henry Wiles, and Brad Baker. It would be nice to have Jared Mees, too. I'd love to have another American.

At my race, you can run 19s, 18s or 17s—whatever tire you want. I've never used these Michelins, but they're not too different from what we use sometimes.

First go around here this morning. It's quite nice. I've never ridden a short track like this. I wouldn't say it suits me perfectly. I think the American style works really well on this sort of track.

The way Baker and Mees sit up on the bike is something you can't just go out and do straight away. You've got to work on it. I was trying to ride a bit like that, but as soon as I started to go hard, I slipped back into my old ways.

Jared Mees and Brad Baker portrait shot

I used to have it easy. We run the motorcycle expos in Australia, and we've got another two flat-track races planned next year. I can't say too much yet, but the locations are going to be really good.

It's fun to see all the guys. Some faces I haven't seen for a long time, some I've never seen. I've talked to Chris Carr before but to meet him here for the first time is great. He's given me a few tips.

I had a great year in dirt track in Australia this year—two championships and the supermotard, as well. It was on my track, which really suits me. When I go to other dirt tracks, sometimes I have some great results. This track is different.

My track in Australia is an oil track. Now matter where you go, grip is basically the same. Here, I'm starting to learn how to chase the grip and work my way around the track. It's not like a roadrace. Going from the outside to the inside to the outside doesn't work.

I'm using my personal bike, a KTM 450 SMR. For the tracks that I use over there, it's a great bike. It's not working too bad here, actually.

Paolo Ciabatti and Davide Tardozzi are coming. I've got Byron Draper with me. We worked together at Ducati; he was my suspension man. Glenn McDonald and I used to ride with Team Kawasaki Australia back in 1996.

I hope I'm in the final. That would be a good result.