POV VIDEO: Ducati 1199 Superleggera at Mugello

Join us as we lap Mugello on the ultra rare and ultra fast Ducati 1199 Superleggera, Cycle World’s Best Superbike of 2014.

I sure as hell am not going to turn down any chance ride Ducati's über Panigale. In a parking lot? Yup. Around the block? No question. But what about 10 laps around one of the most spectacular, scenic and revered race circuits in the world, one that hosts MotoGP and generates the highest top speeds of any track in the world? Sign me up! For these laps aboard the limited-edition Superleggera, watch how the bike wheelied its way onto the front straight at 150 mph. And sometimes (when I had the nuts), the magnesium machine even topped out at more than 190 mph before I had to brake for San Donato (Turn 1). Turn up the volume and enjoy.

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Action shot #1

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Action shot #6

Static right-side view.

Static front view.

Nose section close-up.

Stripped view.