2015 Honda Gold Wing 40th-Anniversary Edition - First Look

New Gold Wing model makes its debut in October.

Hard to believe, but Honda has been building Gold Wing motorcycles for 40 years, ever since Gerald Ford occupied the White House and the Ford Mustang II was rolling off the Dearborn, Michigan, assembly line. Yes, that long ago. And now, fittingly, Honda is introducing a special version of its long-distance highway hauler to celebrate those four decades of production. Called the GL1800 40th Anniversary Edition, this special 2015 Honda Gold Wing arrives in October, priced from $23,999 to $30,599.

Available in either two-tone Candy Red or Black, the built-in-Japan 2015 Gold Wing wears special 40th Anniversary badges on the front cowl, the rear trunk lid, and on a spot above the glove box. Also unique to the model are an embossed passenger seat and a special ignition key.

Other niceties include new layered-surface bodywork that improves the style of this 1832cc six-cylinder machine while offering improved wind protection, especially around the rider's lower legs. Honda says this new bodywork translates to less buffeting and warmer rider legs on cold days. There's also a new seat covering made of a perforated urethane. It's waterproof, and said to offer better long-distance comfort for both rider and passenger. And in addition to the heated rider seat and passenger seat/backrest, the 2015 Gold Wing features a foot-warming system to keep toes toasty on cold riding days.

For 2015, there are four option packages: The Gold Wing Audio Comfort model, with an MSRP of 23,999, features heated grips, seat, and foot warmer, plus a premium sound system, cruise control and electric reverse. The Gold Wing Audio Comfort Navi XM model, with an MSRP of $26,999, adds satellite navigation and XM Radio with weather and traffic. The Gold Wing Audio Comfort Navi XM ABS, with an MSRP of $28,129, adds Combined Anti-Lock Brakes. Lastly, there's the Gold Wing Airbag, a $30,599 model that offers airbag protection.

In other Gold Wing news, the F6B, the bagger version of Honda’s touring machine, gets some a few minor changes for 2015. Foremost among these are cruise control, which is now standard, and a black exhaust. Also, the 2015 F6B comes in two new colors: Matte Silver and Blue Metallic. The 2015 F6B arrives at dealers in November but MSRP is to be determined.

2015 Honda Gold Wing ABS (Candy Red).

2015 Honda Gold Wing ABS (Black).

2015 Honda Gold Wing ABS (Light Silver Metallic).

2015 Honda Gold Wing F6B (Metallic Blue).

2015 Honda Gold Wing F6B (Matte Silver).

2015 Honda Gold Wing F6B Deluxe (Metallic Blue).

2015 Honda Gold Wing F6B Deluxe (Matte Silver).