Rally: Dakar Day #12 - HRC Report

Helder Rodrigues race action shot

HRC Press Release:

Joan Barreda has lost over two hours in Friday´s penultimate stage of the Rally Dakar. On his way from El Salvador to La Serena the Spaniard crashed hard in a wave section and severely damaged his bike. Barreda is not injured.

The Spaniard, who was lying second overall, went down after refueling. He managed to nurse the bike to the finish line after stopping a few times for repair works by himself. In the overall classification Barreda dropped back to seventh place.

Today´s stage was surprisingly tough. The dunes were tricky and the heat challenged the athletes. Saturday brings the  final 500 kilometers of the race. The Dakar ends after 9,000 km in Valparaiso, Chile.

Joan Barreda race action shot

Provisional result - Dakar 2014, Stage 12:

1. Cyril Despres (FRA, Yamaha) 03:58:18

2. Marc Coma (ESP, KTM) +00:02:17

3. Olivier Pain (FRA, Yamaha) +00:05:53

4. Helder Rodrigues (PRT, Honda) +00:07:21

5. Jordi Viladoms (ESP, KTM) +00:09:10

6. Daniel Gouet (CHL, Honda) +00:09:52

7. Jakub Przygonski (POL, KTM) +00:10:45

8. David Casteu (FRA, KTM) +00:11:03

9. Ivan Jakes (SVK, KTM) +00:12:04

10. Javier Pizzolito (ARG, Honda) +00:12:49

Provisional overall standings:

1. Marc Coma (ESP, KTM) 52:40:16 hrs

2. Jordi Viladoms (ESP, KTM) +01:59:49

3. Olivier Pain (FRA, Yamaha) +02:10:16

4. Cyril Despres (FRA, Yamaha) +02:14:01

5. Helder Rodrigues (PRT, Honda) +02:20:39

6. Jakub Przygonski (POL, KTM) +02:27:23

7. Joan Barreda (ESP, Honda) +03:04:54

** 8. Daniel Gouet (CHL, Honda) +03:17:10**

9. Stefan Svitko (SVK, KTM) +03:52:55

10. David Casteu (FRA, KTM) +04:01:42

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