Best Adventure Bike: BMW R1200GS

Ten Best Bikes of 2013

The all-new version of the motorcycle that defined the ADV genre reclaims its Ten Best crown with an all-new chassis, a liquid-cooled Boxer Twin with "vertical-flow" heads and ride-by-wire electronics featuring five modes that influence throttle response, power delivery, ABS, stability control and BMW's semi-active suspension. While traditionalists may scoff at the added technical complication, much of it is "set and forget" tuning that makes this explorer more capable than ever.

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Studio front 3/4 view - BMW R1200GS

Studio left-side view - BMW R1200GS

Studio right-side view - BMW R1200GS

Studio rear 3/4 view - BMW R1200GS

Studio front view - BMW R1200GS

Headlight - BMW R1200GS

Cockpit - BMW R1200GS

Studio rear view - BMW R1200GS

Studio overhead view - BMW R1200GS

On-road action shot - BMW R1200GS