Saddlemen Adventure Tour Seats

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Saddlemen Press Release:

Saddlemen has released the newest addition to its line of seats for Adventure bike applications. Joining the already popular Adventure TRACK seats will be the comfort-focused Adventure TOUR seats.

The Adventure TOUR seat has been developed for adventure riders that want to rack up big miles in comfort. The seat combines SaddleGel, progressive density foam and uses a Gel Channel-design cover to provide unparalleled comfort. Saddlemen’s patented Gel Channel technology is now incorporated in the seat so that the channel is not externally visible, but still provides riders with the support and perineal nerve relief needed for long saddle time. The durable marine-grade vinyl cover is not only weather-resistant, but also resists cold-cracking.

Each seat features specially sculpted foam that has been widened where the rider settles in for the long haul. Saddlemen’s artisans reshaped the seat’s nose area to aid the rider in touching the ground plus the pitch has been carefully adjusted to prevent unwanted sliding into the fuel tank. A rugged but supple CF-look and smooth vinyl seat cover has accent stitching that complements the look of any motorcycle, as well as Saddlemen’s Adventure PACK luggage line as well.

The Adventure TOUR is available in a few different configurations, depending on model application. Single-piece seats, two-piece seat sets or select standalone solo rider seats are available.

Optional low-profile versions are available for most models. Each seat is model specific to the bike and retains the original seat’s height adjustment features (if equipped). Integrated bag/cargo mounting points on the pillion portion of the Adventure TOUR seats make for easy installation of the matching Adventure PACK luggage or other cargo.

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Features include:

- Hybrid seat design combines SaddleGel and Gel Channel-design for added comfort

- SaddleHyde and marine-grade vinyl offers weather-resistance and durability.

- Available in two-piece seat sets, or as a one-piece seat like the OEM seat.

- Several applications are available as solo rider seat that can be paired with bike’s original pillion seat.

- Integrated bag/cargo mounting points make for easy pairing with Saddlemen Adventure PACK luggage.

- Most seats are available in low-profile designs.

- Made in the U.S.A.

MSRP: $399.95 - $549.95

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