Hogslayer Documentary in the Works

"Hogslayer" is the story of one of the most successful drag racing bikes of all time--the dual-Norton Top Fuel dragster campaigned by TC Christenson and John Gregory in the 1970s (a bike inspired by the Boris Murray twin-engined Triumph profiled in the October, 2010, issue of CW).  The Kenosha, Wisconsin-based nitro-gargling Hogslayer dominated drag racing in the early-to-mid '70s, running mid-7-second quarter-miles at more than 180 mph, and  introduced all sorts of technological trickery into drag racing in the process. It currently  resides at the British National Motorcycle Museum in Birmingham, England.

The Edge Ltd. is producing the "Hogslayer," with a release date sometime in  2011.

See the "Hogslayer" promotional trailer here: