Dr. Brux Sports Bite - Product Evaluation

Grind out laps, not your teeth.

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Do you clench or grind your teeth when participating in physically demanding activities, such as riding motocross? You're not alone. Some researchers claim that doing so over long periods may stretch your jaw muscles and even hinder your ability to chew properly. Who wants that?

The Dr. Brux Sports Bite is a dual-compound plastic mouthpiece that puts a 3mm-thick layer of protection between top and bottom teeth, thus preventing direct contact. The softer of the two compounds fits over the lower gums and teeth; the harder layer provides a flat surface against which upper teeth can smoothly slide back and forth.

Instructions are simple. Step 1: Submerge in boiling water for 18 seconds (any longer and the Bite may deform irreparably). Step 2: Place over bottom teeth, clamping jaw shut and inhaling sharply to create a vacuum. Hold for 1 minute. Step 3: Ride. If you don’t achieve an ideal fit first time around, simply repeat the process. Fit can be fine-tuned with a pair of scissors.

Despite taking up some of the space in your mouth normally occupied by the tip of your tongue, the Bite is surprisingly comfortable. It stays in place, too, even when dancing across whoops on a dirtbike. Speaking clearly takes extra effort, though.

Does the Bite make a difference? Tough call, but at least one CW staffer won't ride without it. Funny how quickly you can become dependent on something that only a short time ago seemed so foreign.

Contact|Brux Racing USA 13670 Danielson St. #F Poway, CA 92064 858/668-0763 www.bruxracingusa.comPrice...$69
Ups|• From shipping box to mouth in 2 minutes • Doesn’t grate against gums • Comes with washable storage container
Downs|• Competes for space with tongue • No impact protection • Can’t keep hands out of mouth