Bimota DB8 - First Look

Two-up on Rimini’s 1198-Testastretta powered superbike.

Bimota DB8 - First Look

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Bimota is a unique company within the motorcycle industry: great image, great technical competence and creativity but little in the way of financial stamina. Bimota has just finished developing the Ducati 1198 Testastretta-powered DB8. In addition to being fitted with the most current Ducati superbike engine, the DB8 also adds a passenger seat.

Initially, Bimota’s chief engineer, Andrea Acquaviva, had designed a longer swingarm to help accommodate the passenger, but the concept was put on hold due to the substantial costs associated with creating such an all-new design. Therefore, wheelbase spans the same 56.3 inches as the DB7’s.

Bimota has fitted the latest version of the Ducati 1198 Testastretta to the DB8. One of the big differences between the 1098 version, as used in the DB7, and this latest version is that the crankcase design is heavily revised. Missing is the lower rear engine mount, which Bimota used as a mounting point for its shock link. So a much more complex alternative had to be designed for the double-link rear suspension, which mates to new side plates at the back of the engine.

Another area that required a rethink is the subframe, which is now made from two pressure-die-cast aluminum plates in place of the DB7’s structural carbon-fiber tailsection.

Ducati’s latest 1198cc Testastretta has been adapted to the Bimota with the same modifications as were made to the 1098-powered DB7. A 10-liter airbox of Bimota’s design, Walbro fuel injection and an exhaust featuring a large resonator chamber and two-into-one, twin-tip canister, are all designed to improve upon the Ducati mill’s midrange torque, although no official numbers have been released.

According to Acquaviva, the DB8 is almost ready for production. If the execution is as impressive as that of the DB7, the DB8 should prove to be another fantastic superbike for those with deep pockets and a love for Italian flair.

Right-side view of biposto Bimota DB8.

New subframe - Bimota DB8 rear seat.

Redesigned shock link for Bimota DB8.