Product Evaluation: Durrani 312 Series Magnesium Clip-Ons

Sportbike wrist rests.

Durrani 312 Series Magnesium Clip-Ons - Product Evaluation

Durrani 312 Series Magnesium Clip-Ons - Product Evaluation

Sore wrists from low-mounted handlebars are no barrel of laughs. Combined with an aching neck and back, such discomfort can take the fun out of sportbike riding.

Durrani Racing Components' 312 Series Magnesium Clip-Ons are adjustable over a range of 10 degrees, are available to fit many late-model sportbikes and, in many cases, cost less than original-equipment bars. Despite their name, however, magnesium is used only for the clamps and angle-varying in-clamp Wedgeloks; the bars themselves are aluminum. Installation on a 2006 Triumph 675, one of its stock aluminum bars damaged in a slow-speed tip-over, was straightforward following the supplied instructions. The 312s went on in an hour, and the polished clamps brightened up the cockpit.

Varying bar angle from 3 to 12 degrees is as simple as loosening a single bolt and rotating the bar within the Wedgelok. Due to the bars' universal fit, there are no mounting points for remote brake or clutch reservoirs; a simple mount can be fabbed with a small strip of aluminum.

It was clear after riding the modified 675 that the 312s have advantages over the stock bars. Adjustability is number one. Altering the angle at which the wrists "break" enhanced comfort. Vibration through the bars was marginally reduced, although after a long day in the saddle, tingling hands were still a factor.

Replacing crash-damaged bars with Durrani Racing 312 Series Clip-Ons is a no-brainer. Given their features, using them to replace like-new stock bars is pretty smart, too.


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  • Wide range of adjustment; lighter than stock

  • Black-anodized-clamp models same price as polished versions

  • Made in the USA


  • No provision for remote reservoirs

  • Not a miracle solution to handlebar vibration

  • Polished magnesium clamps oxidize quickly