Long-Term Test Update: 2007 KTM Super Duke

Leak tweak.

Photography By Brian Blades

2007 KTM Super Duke - Long-Term Test Update

Adding the KTM 990 Super Duke to our long-term fleet has put the Austrian-built V-Twin's reliability to the test. With several staff members piling on miles, we've found the bike to be a solid performer with only a minor engine oil leak to report to date.

That leak went unnoticed until enough oil residue accumulated on the bottom and sides of the engine. Tracing the source was as simple as searching the superduke.net forum, where we learned that the culprit was an under-torqued oil-pressure sensor. Unbolting the left-side engine-mount wishbone allowed access to the threaded sensor on the rear of the front cylinder head. Sure enough, tightening the sensor stopped the leak.

While we are not entirely convinced that the orange-skinned, gel-insert accessory saddle ($160) has yielded an appreciable improvement in comfort, there's no doubt as to the benefits of installing the handlebar risers ($30), also available from KTM's Hard Parts catalog.

Besides creating a more relaxed riding position, the .7-inch spacers provided additional clearance between the handgrips and the fuel tank, in turn allowing increased steering lock. Before retightening the lock nuts on the adjustable steering-stop bolts, we made an impromptu feeler gauge from a strip of cardboard, sliding it between the fork leg and top frame tube to ensure adequate clearance.

|#### SPECIFICATIONSTotal miles:|1309| |Next service:|6000 miles| |Maintenance costs (including tires):|$0| |Repair costs:|$0| |Average fuel mileage:|45 mpg| |List price (2008):|$10,520|