Long-Term Test Update: 2007 Benelli TnT 1130

So little time...

2007 Benelli TnT 1130 - Long-Term Test Update

2007 Benelli TnT 1130 - Long-Term Test Update

The TnT and the CW staff seem to be star-crossed. Every time it's been operational, we've been so busy with other bikes that we've had little time to ride it. And when we have had opportunities to ride it, it's been out of service, propped up on our workstand for repairs or the installation of accessories.

Right after our last update, a problem arose when the engine would repeatedly stall after a cold start. That required us to replace the stepper motor (under warranty) that controls idle speed. In the process, we found that the clamps that secure the airbox boots to the throttle bodies had been left completely loose at the factory, permitting dirty air to seep into the engine. We also discovered that the foam air-filter element had been improperly installed, allowing even bigger pieces of contamination to find their way into the airbox.

During those repairs, we installed a set of frame sliders ($186) and a cool titanium performance muffler ($835 ouch!), both from Benelli's accessory catalog. The muffler allows a nice, deep tone that's not too loud; and a dyno run showed that not only does the muffler boost power a tiny bit in the midrange and top end, but the ingestion of dirt apparently hasn't caused any immediate harm to the engine. In fact, Benelli's tech people told us not to worry and just keep riding it. So we will—and, hopefully, much, much more often.

Total miles:|2665
Next service:|6000 miles
Maintenance costs (including tires):|$0
Repair costs:|$0
Average fuel mileage:|32 mpg
List price (2008):|$15,499