Yamaha V-Max Custom Motorcycles

Making a wild ride even wilder.

2009 V-Max: Custom Maxes - First Look

Twenty-three years later, the original Yamaha V-Max is still pretty outrageous in both power and styling. But there's always room for improvement. We checked out some V-Max enthusiast websites to see what could be done with the raw clay that is the Max. Thanks to the guys at Star V-Max, V-Max Owners' Forum and V-Max Forum.

It's not all about power: Poster Kopperhed bolted up a Yamaha YZF-R1 front end and upgraded the rear shocks, too.

A poster named Odioh matched up this MV Agusta F4 tailsection.

This is "Relic," and the owner hails from Ontairo, Canada. Öhlins suspension all around and frame bracing tells us that they like to mix their straights with corners up in the Great White North.

RobT shows off his '02 after a "mild streetfighter conversion." He says he's going to "go extreme" next.

Rjm1228 did some significant engine mods to his bike. Its 1428cc motor makes 158 hp and 106 ft.-lbs. of torque.

And here he is (carefully) enjoying a trackday on his creation.

A shot of some creative tank art on forum poster KJShover's ride.

The owner of "Golden," a stock '85, has done little but lower the front end. Nice to see he can hustle it around corners.

Roger Tigner built this "Blower Max." Turbo and nitrous!

In case the massive power isn't sinister enough, Rjm1228 added this angry-looking front end.

A Scandanavian poster named Rike set this bike up for his wife.

This is the "Hoginator."

Vgasrick built his '85 into?what else??the "Vgasr."

Rounding out Odioh's sportbike theme are these R1 forks.

He says he's Dutch, but he sort of looks Czech...

Jarec Clary's '96 looks pretty normal, but he claims it makes 164 hp at the wheel. Check out his video.

Danny Lovett looks mild-mannered, but his bike?"El Diablo"?doesn't.

Custom taillights on the Fatass.

Meet Fatmax. The bike, not the owner.

A view of Fatmax's nice-looking rear end. Again, the bike, not the owner...

Jarec's into streetfighters, but doesn't believe in a fair fight, apparently.

V-Boost and 145 hp not enough for you? Of course it isn't. Badmax isn't happy with it either: this is his Turbo V-Max.

Henk Kleine is from Holland. He calls his bike the "Fatass."