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Motorcycle Mover Is Taking Transportation To Concierge Levels

California company offers more than towing, with an eye for kid-glove treatment on several levels

loading a motorcycle onto a truck

Motorcycle Mover loading up an Aprilia for a client.

Courtesy of Motorcycle Mover

Decades ago, Vincent Spina’s Italian grandparents opened a tool and die company, which his family ran for three generations. In the 1970s he served a formal apprenticeship and became a journeyman machinist. He’s been a motorcyclist since the first time he saw one roll by, and with the entrepreneurial blood in his veins, recently opened Motorcycle Mover in California, with seven locations in southern California and one in the San Francisco Bay area.

“I started riding in 1973,” Spina said. “Since that time motorcycling has evolved, and everything has become specialized. Bikes are literally computers on wheels. Techs must study constantly to keep up with the technology. Our gear is specialized, but it’s my opinion that one area did not evolve with the rest of the industry.

“If your motorcycle has a mechanical failure, you wait three or four hours for someone to show up in a piece of equipment designed for hauling a car. It’s absurd, but the entire industry has been conditioned to accept it. Until now there hasn’t been an alternative.

“And it’s very important to understand; it’s not just about equipment,” he added. “Motorcycle Mover is not a towing company, we are a motorcycle company. And our entire program—from the first phone call—has been re-engineered specifically for the motorcycle rider.”

According to Spina, his company is not limited to emergency service. The Motorcycle Mover program is designed to encourage the rider to be proactive, so they get their bike to be serviced before an emergency takes place. A rider can call Motorcycle Mover and schedule pickup from their home or office.

“Recently, we delivered two antique Indians owned by Steve McQueen, painted by Von Dutch,” he said with a chuckle. “I had a religious experience when I touched those bikes!”

“People don’t have time to wait these days, so frequently they’re not even present,” he explained. “They make their bike and keys accessible, and we pick up the bike. Everything is documented.

“We also offer higher level services, such as handling logistics for group trips. Say a small group of business partners wants to ride the Beartooth Highway, but they don’t have time to ride to and from. We handle the logistics; we have the bikes and gear on location at the appointed day and time. And we pick up everything at the end of the ride.”

Asset Protection

Spina also offers “Asset Protection.” The company has clients who own bike collections but don’t live in the US part of the year. Motorcycle Movers stores and maintains the bikes until they return.

“We have everything from Confederates to antique BMWs in our possession,” Spina said. “I also receive requests to find a very specific bike for a client, something they want to add to their collection. I recommend techs and restoration people.”

One of his clients has an office on the 25th floor overlooking the Santa Monica Mountains. Motorcycle Mover delivers bikes to his office, and he puts them on display for a while and calls Spina to switch them out with something else in the collection.

“Recently, we delivered two antique Indians owned by Steve McQueen, painted by Von Dutch,” he said with a chuckle. “I had a religious experience when I touched those bikes!”

Because of constant requests from the manufacturers he serves, Spina opened in Los Altos near Palo Alto on August 1. Jacob Cole worked with Spina in Los Angeles; when Spina decided to open in the Bay Area, Cole was the natural choice and he’s a Bay Area native.

“I’ve worked with Vincent for a little over a year now,” Cole said. “Vincent embodies the Motorcycle Mover motto: ‘Passion Delivered Daily.’ After seeing what Motorcycle Mover was able to accomplish in Los Angeles, I saw the potential to give riders in the San Francisco Bay Area a higher level of service not experienced in this area.” The six locations in Southern California are Venice/Santa Monica, San Fernando Valley, Downtown Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire, and San Gabriel Valley. Three of the locations are hourly drivers employed by the central office, and the others are independently owned and operated by authorized subcontractors like Cole.

jacob cole headshot

Bay Area owner Jacob Cole.

Vincent Spina

Cole’s career pre-Motorcycle Mover was as a touring drummer and music teacher. He likes to joke that transporting bikes and touring with a band are two-thirds the same job: both involve piloting large vehicles from town to town and moving heavy, sensitive gear in and out of buildings. With a band, you stop and play some music for people in between loading and driving.

“When life brought me back to sunny California, my dormant motorcycle fever was reawakened,” Cole added. “Growing interest in motorcycles and proportionate disenchantment with my music career led me to shift my focus.”

California and Beyond

Spina is encouraged by the success of his business and is taking the organic approach to growth outside California.

“My singular purpose, everyday, is to see Motorcycle Mover become a part of the fabric of the California motorcycle culture,” he said. “We have the most influential scene on the planet. Next year we’re on track to open our first two locations outside of California.

“I’ve loved motorcycles all my life. Motorcycling has given me lifelong friendships and experiences on a deep personal level. If I can look back on my life and point to one thing in the motorcycle industry and know I made a difference, maybe made a difference in a rider’s life? Come on, man, what’s better than that?! Motorcycle Mover was created because the motorcycle industry has the right to an alternative, the right to expect more.”


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