Silicon Valley is best known for its influential tech icons like Apple, Google, and Facebook. Minneapolis is best known for its influential musicians like Prince, the Replacements, and Hüsker Dü. And Brooklyn is best known for its famous bridge, Coney Island, and accent. Three men are rolling up their sleeves to make their part of the world known for motorcycles in three distinct ways: Scottie Sharpe in Santa Clara, California; Nick Huber in Golden Valley, Minnesota; and Chris Lesser in Brooklyn, New York.

I interviewed each man to learn more about the paths they’ve chosen and how and why they decided to shift career gears. We’ll publish the complete interviews separately over the next several days.

scottie sharpe headshot
Scottie SharpeCourtesy of Scottie Sharpe

Scottie Sharpe left the high-tech Silicon Valley software world behind to launch Scottie's Workshop in 2012, focusing on restoration of vintage BMW motorcycles.

nick huber posing with his motorcycle
Nick HuberCourtesy of Nick Huber

Nick Huber dreamed of being a pilot growing up in Minneapolis after his family immigrated from Germany when he was a kid. Now he restores vintage German automobiles with his father and brother, while restoring classic motorcycles on the side. And he still flies whenever the clouds beckon.

chris lesser posing with his motorcycle
Chris LesserCourtesy of Chris Lesser

Chris Lesser was the technical editor for a mountain bike magazine in Southern California before he moved back east for a woman. He not only caught her but also the motorcycle bug. He opened Union Garage NYC five years ago and is reinventing the retail experience in Brooklyn.