It’s easy to follow suit and be part of the status quo when it comes to gear choice. For newer riders it seems kinda stale, so we sought some real culture-inspired apparel to test this summer, including two retro helmets from Nexx in Portugal, skate-influenced shoes from Roland Sands Design in Southern California, and a boilersuit from El Solitario in Spain.

We’ll be wearing this gear for the next few months and file a proper review once we’ve been mocked and castigated by old-schoolers at Alice’s Restaurant.

El Solitario Bonneville Khaki Coveralls : $650

El Solitario Bonneville Khaki Coveralls
Be courageous.El Solitario MC

Winston Churchill wore one during World War II, The Who’s guitarist Pete Townshend wore one on stage in the late ’60s, and it was the garb of choice for movie villains Michael Myers (Halloween) and Jason Voorhees (Friday the 13th). The boilersuit (known to most as coveralls) is typically worn by male and female mechanics, so it’s no surprise that Spanish motorcycle company El Solitario has developed its own interpretation for riders.

The Bonneville khaki coveralls are made from genuine 14-ounce red selvedge denim, manufactured by a family operation in Tunisia. Company founder David Borras (whose Harley ADV was featured on our cover last year) wears his everywhere, and recommends using a layer of extra protection underneath for longer and faster adventures.

The knees, shoulders, and neck are quilted, with adjustable and buttoned wrist and leg cuffs. There are pockets galore, an adjustable/removable waist belt with brass metal buckle, with two button chest pockets (one angled, one upright). Sizing: S–XXL.

Nexx XG.100 Racer Motordrome Helmet : $430

Nexx XG.100 Racer Motordrome Helmet
Daft Punk indeed.Nexx Helmets North America

There’s a Daft Punk look here, but Nexx is more interested in protection and function, using its X-Matrix Shell made of multiaxial fiberglass, with a mix of 3-D organic fibers, special aramid fibers, and carbon reinforcement to create a modern café racer lid. The shield closes with a firm detent and uses spun aluminum pivot hardware, similar to the popular Bell Bullitt. Limited venting on the chinbar with a vertical mesh slot. Colors: Titanium/Yellow, Green/Yellow. Weight: 2.6 pounds/1,200 grams. Sizing: XS–M and L–XXL (two shell sizes).

Roland Sands Design Fresno Shoes : $200

Roland Sands Design Fresno Shoes
Skater-influenced with extra safety tech.Roland Sands Design

I like the idea of wearing Vans skate shoes when riding, but in my neck of the woods there’s enough rain and cold weather to warrant something a bit stouter and waterproof. The Roland Sands Design Fresno riding shoes carry that skater look but add important tech features like a reinforced shank, abrasion-resistant shift pads on the toe box, and a Hipora waterproof membrane.

The top-grain cowhide uppers are already proving to be durable, and the reinforced heel cup keeps my foot in place over the multi-density insole. And the reflective lightning bolts on the back adds a Bowie-esque safety touch. Colors: Black, Black Gum, Tobacco. Sizing: 8.5–11 in half sizes; 12 and 13.

Nexx XG.200 Offroad Desert Race Helmet : $400

Nexx XG.200 Offroad Desert Race Helmet
When you’re riding tastes include gravel and dirt.Nexx Helmets North America

Flat-track looks with lightweight protection and removable peak visor, an ideal helmet for tearing up the trails or taking the scrambler through town to meet friends. Mesh chin and forehead venting allows just enough airflow on warm days. Colors: Black, Yellow. Weight: 2.6 pounds/1,200 grams. Sizing: XS–M and L–XXL (two shell sizes).