Full Gaz Friday New Products Arrival

Waxed cotton European jacket, WD-40 for motorcycles, and an adventure helmet with extras

The workshop is getting crowded with new products for testing. Northern California's weather has been most cooperative lately, so grabbing some throttle time on the tarmac and dirt isn't a problem. Rounding out the recent arrivals of boots, leather jackets, heated grips, rear racks, and gas cans are waxed cotton jackets, motorcycle specialty cleaners and sprays from WD-40, and an affordable yet versatile adventure helmet.

Here's a preview of three new products we’ve received and plan to test over the next few months, with complete reviews to follow in the spring.

Crave Trophy Waxed Cotton Jacket: $735

Crave For Ride Trophy Jacket
Plenty of storage, protection, and cool.Courtesy of Crave For Ride

Polish company Crave is making waves for its Kevlar-lined shirts and single-layer high-abrasion jeans. Enter the Trophy waxed cotton jacket, made to look like something Steve McQueen would wear if he stored his smartphone, Porsche keys, and Persol 714 sunglasses in any of the two inner zippered or four large external pockets. Made in Europe of Armalith ultra-high-molecular-weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) breathable anti-abrasion single-shell denim with pockets for CE protectors in the shoulders, back, and elbows.

WD-40 Specialist Motorcycle Cleaners/Lubricants: $10 each

WD-40 Cleaners
Clean it, shine it, lube it, protect it.Courtesy of WD-40

Preventative maintenance goes beyond oil changes and valve adjustments. WD-40—the San Diego company best known for products used to fix squeaking garage doors and roller skates since 1961—now offers cleaners and lubricants engineered specifically for motorcycle use. The Specialist Motorcycles products include the biodegradable Total Wash, foamy Chain (and swingarm) Cleaner, synthetic Chain Lube, parafilm-forumulated Chain Wax, and high-gloss coating Total Shine.

Bell MX-9 Adventure MIPS Helmet: $219

Bell MX-9 Adventure Helmet
Looking good and staying protected on road and off.Courtesy of Bell Helmets

In a couple of minutes, this helmet converts from an off-road-specific lid to a sleek streetfighter, providing more versatility for a lot less money. Plus, the MIPS internals (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) are designed to reduce rotational forces that can result from certain impacts. For an additional $150, I opted for the Transitions photochromic visor for 24-hour use.