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Five Reasons The Motorcycle Still Matters

Too much doomsday talk about the impending death of our beloved machine

With so much discussion about plummeting motorcycle sales, confusion on how to get millennials riding, outdated retail practices, autonomous vehicles, and bomb cyclones, we need a reminder that motorcycles matter in more ways than one. Here are a few articles from 2017 to get you on the right track.

1. Getting scrambled benefits everyone

Every generation needs a revolution to activate the youth, and after riding the Ducati Scramblers with his adult son Henri, Gaz Boulanger thinks Bologna has started one.

2. It’s never too late

guy standing next to ducati multistrada motorcycle

Photo: John Chinnock

A mechanical engineer by trade, John Chinnock’s career path was based on a solid foundation of risk mitigation. The Colorado man had never ridden a motorcycle or traveled internationally, and lived a safe, happy life. The death of his wife led to a European motorcycle tour with his son.

3. Love wins out every time

mama jean portrait

Photo: Gaz Boulanger

Having a wife who encourages motorcycle buying and riding is a dream come true for Gaz Boulanger, who writes about experiences while celebrating his 28th wedding anniversary.

4. Community matters

Jeff Hesseltine has breathed new life into the Eureka, California, motorcycle community with his Moto Envy Show and Black Lightning Motorcycle Café, bringing an underground culture aboveground.

5. Social graces with panache

Shasta Smith opened The Vintage Monkey in Sacramento, California, creating a world-class 6,500-square-foot destination with a 30-foot-diameter bar and countertop made of bullet casings. And folks are flocking from everywhere.


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