Scorpion Motorsports P6 600cc sport trike--By John Burns

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Photography by Mark Hoyer

Just your basic ZX-6R-powered 150-mph trike

If you're trying to raise awareness about a thing, rolling around in a Scorpion P6 trike is a good way to do it. At the start of a cross-country tour to raise awareness and funds for the Susan G. Komen breast cancer foundation, Scorpion's Director of Marketing Shannon Serig rolled into the Cycle World compound to say hello and to raise awareness also about this sick Kawasaki ZX-6R-powered trike his Miami-based company produces.

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The chassis is a steel tube space frame with an aluminum semi-monocoque and seating for one, complete with steering wheel and sequential shifter (electronic paddle shifting is optional). Two big tires up front containing Wilwood brakes have no problem slowing the 725-pound vehicle (which is classified as a motorcycle by the DOT, which means for one thing it gets to zip along in the carpool lane in California), though the rear tire seems to have much more of a struggle attempting to corral the 126 (crankshaft) horses put out by the standard ZX-6R engine, in first gear anyway—a struggle you can hear clearly from a couple blocks away.

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In spite of that, Scorpion says the GRP composite-cloaked P6 does 0-60 in 3.5 seconds and 0-100 in 10, and is capable of 1.5 g cornering. Scorpion’s happy to build you one just like it for $29,900. Why not spend $6k more for the turbo? And if you already have a ZX-6R motor (weirdly enough, I do…), Scorpion also offers kits in various stages of completeness.

See for yourself. Serig and buddy Kristopher “DJ GQ” Cottrell, riding a highly customized pink 2010 Yamaha R1, are on the grand tour as we speak, and scheduled to arrive for the grand Daytona Beach finale on March 9th – 13th.