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BMW F800ST - Best Used Bikes

A surprisingly capable and satisfying sport-touring rig.


Best Used Bikes: BMW F800ST

Years sold: 2007-2012

MSRP new: $10,900 (2007) to $12,550 (2012)

Blue Book retail value: $6825 (2007) to $11,750 (2012)

Basic specs: A dohc, liquid-cooled, 798cc parallel-Twin sport-tourer with belt final drive instead of BMW’s usual shaft drive. The almost-fully faired F800ST is listed as weighing 461 lb. with its 4.1-gallon fuel tank topped off and that its fuel-injected, counterbalanced engine makes 85 hp and 63 ft.-lb. of torque.

Why it’s desirable: Considering that it was produced by a company that had been manufacturing—and boasting the utter superiority of—opposed-Twins for about three-quarters of a century, the parallel-Twin F800ST proved a surprisingly capable and satisfying sport-touring rig. It’s not an ideal choice for most hard-core, long-distance sport-tourers, but it is well-suited for riders who don’t want or need the size, weight and perhaps even the power of the big, liter-plus machines in the category. A 360-degree crankshaft helps the 800’s engine deliver a nice, smooth flow of torque in the lower and middle rpm ranges, and the chassis allows the ST to offer excellent straight-line stability matched with easy, confidence-inspiring corner-carving. The telescopic (not BMW’s usual Telelever) fork was criticized by some riders as being a bit mushy (aftermarket springs and slightly heavier fork oil provide a decent remedy), leading to excessive dive when braking, but the rear suspension is right on the money.

In its basic form, the ST came equipped with a fairing but no saddlebags, heated grips or other popular sport-touring amenities. But as is the case with most BMWs, a long list of options allows an ST owner to outfit the bike with a variety of suitable accessories, including detachable hard bags. Just be aware that because many of these bikes were so equipped, the prices for some used F800STs may be higher than what is shown here for the base models. BMW also built a naked version, the F800S, but only in 2007; it didn’t sell nearly as well as the ST and was discontinued after just one season. For 2013, the F800ST has been replaced by the similar but heavily revised F800GT.

Useful resources: The F800ST was a lower-volume seller than BMW’s sport-touring Boxers, so you won’t find quite as much readily available information about them on the Internet. But there is one dedicated forum,, and a couple of others— and—that include threads about this middleweight machine. In addition to the usual reviews, accessory sites and bikes-for-sale listings, there is considerable information regarding a rear-wheel bearing failure that afflicted some earlier F800S and ST models. Supposedly, the problem was remedied by BMW in 2008.